Surface 026

115 $

Please specify the board name in the notes section when ordering.
Unless specifically stated, large size inlays will be sent as standard.

(Compatible for FM Boards or Galaxy Boards.)

Inlays come in two different sizes. 
It is fully compatible with FMGammon and Galaxy Backgammon products.

 Inlay dimensions for Large Boards;

Surface Height: 53.9 cm
Surface Width: It is prepared as 26.9 cm.
" Large inlays are drop-shaped oval. "

Inlay dimensions for medium boards;

Surface Height: 47.9 cm
Surface Width: It is prepared as 26.9 cm.
"In small inlays, the bottom parts are NOT drop-shaped but flat."
Inlay sizes are standard. 

* Our inlays consist of 3 layers and are specially produced for FMGammon.
* FMGammon checkers move easily on the inlay.
* It can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.
* If you have more than one inlay, keep it on a flat surface in the protective envelopes we provide for you.
* You can create inlays in the colors you want without paying any additional fee.
* You can customize the inlays as you like. You can print your logo and name.
"The waiting period for custom inlays is one week."


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