PRIMAL Board ( Galaxy )

2400 $   - 1900 $ ( Fathers Day Price )

The Primal Board 

Primal Nature of Humanity Confronts Backgammon
Sitting hunched over in the dark, Primal man clutches a stone in one hand and carefully, but swiftly swings it against another to create a spark.

He creates fire.

For a short and enjoyable moment, the darkness and cold is gone with life giving heat as the fire dances from his tinder wood.

Design Philosophy
The Primal Board focuses on the raw nature of an early savage man or woman. The handmade checkers encapsulate stone and fire in their appearance while the zebrano wood grain makes one think of the flowing motion of fire.

The inlays take earthy tones as one would expect of a primal fire pit.

Real leather covers the case, handle and accessories pointing to the respectful, but necessary hunt of the daily meal.

Note from the Backgammon Galaxy Team
Often we point to the stars and future for our inspiration. This time our love of history brought us back into early times of humanity.

The Primal Board was perfected from many colour samples, trial and errors until we found the right balance.

We decided to honour the exquisite zebrano wood by increasing the size of the board from our usual Galaxy dimensions. This makes it a fantastically decorative and modern centrepiece in the home while preserving a professional playing experience.

Best regards,

Magnetic Magfit Inlays
- Yes, you can swap the inlays. If you want another Galaxy style inlay we can prepare this at a favourable price. You can also swap in FM Gammon size inlays if you have these already.

Product Information
Case Material 1: Long Lasting Exclusive Zebrano Wood

Exterior Surface: High-Quality Leather
Case Color: Brown

Surface Material: Specially produced felt fabric that provides unique satisfaction for
the checker glide and dice movements.

Surface Height: 54cm
Surface Width: 27cm
Clasp Style: Metal (Silver Plated)
Handle: High-Quality Leather (Brown)

Suitable Backgammon Checker Sizes:
44.2mm - 44.5mm

Closed Length: 56,6cm
Closed Width: 38,8cm
Closed Height: 8cm
Open Lenght : 57cm
Open Width: 78cm
Open Height: 4cm
Weight: 5,9kg

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